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        Welcome to Truking Exhibition, Germany, 2018

        Date:2018/6/25 10:41:04 Reading:443

        Dear customer friend:


        The 32nd Achema Exhibition (German International Exhibition of Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology) is scheduled to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 11th to 15th , 2018. At this exhibition, Truking  Technology Co., Ltd., Truking WaterTown Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd., Truking Feiyun Pharmaceutical Equipment (Changsha) Co., Ltd., joined with ROMACO Group to participate in the exhibition with innovative products and innovative EPC plant design to jointly interpret the "intelligent manufacturing" concept, we sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition platform, excellent appreciations!

        Exhibition booth: HALL 3.0 B49-550M2

        The biggest stand of Truking in Ahema 2018, the united stand of Romaco and Truking 

        Machines from Truking:

        1.SFSR5 Pre-Filled Syring Fillg&Sealing Machine

        2.KGSB6 Smart Robot Filling and Stoppering Machine 

        3.GA2S24 Sterile Isolator.

        Machine from ROMACO:

        1.Innojet_VENTILUS Laboratory Fluid bed system

        2.Kilian_K720 Tableting machine

        3.Kilian_KTP_590X Tableting machine

        4.Kilian_KTS1000 Tableting machine

        5.Kilian_StylOne Laboratory Tableting machine

        6.Macofar_LF200 Filling machine

        7.Noack_950 Blister machine

        8.Promatic_PC series cartoning machine

        9.Promatic_PCI_915 cartoning machine

        10.Siebler_HM1 strip packaging machine

        11.Innojet_Ventilus Air flow bed granulation, coating, drying machine

        12.Siebler_HM1E Heat sealing for effervescent tablets


        HALL FORUM0 B1—192 M2

        Overall solutions for sterile Products lyophilization production including the following:

        1.KGSA6 Filling and Stoppering Machine

        2.GB1S isolator for filling and stoppering machine

        3.LALUTK-09 Stationary Auto Loading & unloading System 

        4.LYOTK5 Freeze Dryer 

        5.FJRZ3 X-ray Inspection Machine  

        6.NJP3000 Fully Automatic Rigid Capsule Filling Machine


        HALL 3.0 A3—48 M2  

        WaterTown, the subsidiary company of Truking

        1. VCS3000/H Vapor Compression Distiller

        2. MT400V3 Liquid Tank


        HALL 6.1 B39—60 M2

        PW2000 Purified Water Generation System

        With a culture of "to be respected person, to make respected products, to run a respected enterprise", Truking Technology is dedicated to providing quality and innovative products and services.


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