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        Location: Home > Products > Truking Rhythmic R5 Smart Stick Packing Line

        SP-L12, 12-column Stick Packing Machine for Liquids

        SP-L12, 12-column Stick Packing Machine for Liquids
        Detailed descriptions

        SP-L12, 12-column Stick Packing Machine for Liquids

        This production line is applicable to quantitative stick packaging of various fluid substances such as oral liquid, mouthwash and oral thick paste. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, daily chemical areas and other sectors

        Higr-preision filing

        + High-preisio filling

        The line assures a high fling precision up to1% (ilig quantity above 2ml) , benefiting from Truking's sterile liquid fling experience for nearly 20years, unique pumpback fligand anti-leakage control and good machining level


        ≤士1% (ceramic pump: flig quantity ofover 2ml)

        +1.5%(ceramic pump: fligquantityof1-2ml)

        +2.5% (ceramic pump:lling quantityof0.5-1ml)

        + Easyto open atone attempt, good user experience, low materialcost Horizontal and longitudinal easy openings are fomed in one mold to ensure that double easy openings stay at one straight line, thus improving user experienceand ensuring they are easy toopen.

        + Fullservo

        Servo control applies to uncoiling, membrane misalignment correction, flling, longitudinal sealing, avoidance at specified locations, horizontalsealingmembrane drawingandfillet cuting

        + Straight guide rail

        The slide guide moves across the straight line guide rail, featuring more advantages in transmission accuracy, loading stability and durability thanthe linear bearing

        + Easy toclean

        Thelongitudinal and horizontal sealing mechanisms can be opened toallow thorough cleaning.

        + Easy to change the package widh and horizontal sealing pattern Adopt the modular design conducive to change to the horizontal pattern style and package width. lItis possible to allow complete change of appropriate mold for integral installation. This efficient work can benefit changeand installation at one attempt

        + Efective elimination ofliquid trappinginthe horizontalsealing Truking utlizes the liquid flig suctionntols to prevent dropping orleaking after fling

        The servo fling step curve can controlfiling flowto prevent splash.

        Stable and efficient

        Truking boasts excellent manufacturing capability, who can independently complete machining of 90% parts to specified accuracy.

        The hobbing cutter and radius cutter are made of high-speed steel.

        The hot block for the longitudinal and horizontal sealing is made of chrome- manganese – silicon alloy.

        Perform testing on element content of raw material.

        The longitudinal and horizontal sealing has respective heating system, thus benefiting proper sealing from uniform distribution of heating.

        Carry out avoidance at specified locations in the longitudinal sealing to protect the membrane from being distorted as a result of prolonged exposure to high-temp baking.

        + CIPSIP online cleaning optional

        + Large internal space

        Large enough to accommodate coding machine and tester, thus facilitating operation and maintenance.

        + Independent servo flling, permitting separate change to flling


        Use the transparent tempered glass protection door and low-counter designs. Plus, application of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy can help assure uniform style, create a clean and tidy

        environment and provide easy access to view. Provide machines of latest version.

        + 12” screen conducive to ergonomics-based HMI operation

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