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        NJP5200 Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

        NJP5200 Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
        Detailed descriptions

        NJP5200 Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

        This machine is a intermittent full automatic capsule filling machine with multiple tamping stations, precise design and stable performance. It can completes the following process: feeding capsule, separating capsule, filling, rejecting defective capsule, closing capsule, discharging finished capsule automatically. It adopt closed rotary table with twelve station. There are 38 holes in four rows crossing on the module. Function of machine reach international advanced standard, which also meet the requirement of “GMP” and FDA standard. It’s absolutely the most ideal machine for producing capsule products.

        Performance and Features:

        1)Output : 312000 capsules /hour 
        2)  Change speed by transducer ,PLC control (C type)
        3)  Easy to operate and install
        4)  Function for filling powder,pellet,granule and pill into capsule.
        5)  Automatic detections and diagnosis of lack of material, capsule and mechanical trouble,make alarm and stop automatically.
        6)  Displaying in-time speed and accumulative output.
        7)  Available for electronic signature and recording, and Industrial  recording and Industrial Ethernet(for optional)



         5200 pcs/min

         number of hole

         38 holes

         Size of Capsule


         Filling Percentage


         Dosing Precision


         Power supply

         380V 50HZ



         Water supply

         500L/H  0.1~0.2Mpa

         Dust collector


         Compressed air

         0.2 m3/min  4~6kg


         ≤70 db

         Overall dimensions




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